Hi everyone, for my second blog post I want to take you all through my typical weekday here in coastal Foley, Alabama. Everyday is a little different but the general schedule goes like this:

My alarm sounds at 7 AM, then 7:10 AM, and finally around 7:20 AM when it usually convinces me to awake. I groggily make myself a quick little breakfast, usually something really high end like oatmeal or grits, before heading out to the Tanger center. The drive is mercifully short so within one radio song I am there by 8:00 AM. Now my day truly begins as I get settled and ready to start the day’s tasks. I usually first check my emails/ apps to see if there are any important updates that need my immediate attention. Then, I open up the customer service register and attend to customers as needed until the customer service rep (CSR) arrives. The rest of the morning can take any path but my favorite is our property tours. That consists of taking a golf cart out and driving around the property to evaluate its current state. Other things I sometimes do during this time is fill out incident reports, write posts like this, go over finances, attend conference calls, and lots and lots of training. At around noon I go back to my apartment for a bite to eat and then its back to the office. The back half of my shift I focus a little more heavy on my field research, which hopefully will be coming in a blog post soon!

Once I get back to my apartment at 5 PM, I like to kick back and go from business casual to very casual. I tend to read outside (Game of Thrones #TeamJon) or watch my current show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I cook dinner and eat by 7 PM followed by a quick workout then I put on my phone before it is time for bed and the whole cycle starts again!