As an intern, I never thought that I would be able to attend an Asset Management presentation! We hosted Cookstown and Ottowa, our Canadian properties, to discuss and gain further insights into how their facilities have been performing, what they are working on, and how we can support their locations. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to be surrounded by some of the company’s most brilliant minds brainstorming and creating the Tanger Outlets we know and love!

This experience has taught me to pursue every opportunity and not to leave any stone unturned. Even when it seems that there is only one option, there are 100 different opportunities and options to investigate. The amount of knowledge that I learned from sitting in on this one meeting is far more valuable than any classroom setting could ever offer. I’m grateful to be involved with a company that wants me to learn and be one of them! Now that I’ve talked about the major things I’ve taken away and learned, I want to also mention the Canadian business “Fun Facts” that I learned at this meeting!

Fun Canadian Business Facts:

  • Retail and other businesses are closed on all holidays. Bylaws need to be passed by their court system in order to even be considered for opening on select holidays.
  • It can be difficult to talk about the weather in degrees and measurements because they follow the metric system and we do not. During the meeting, they would sometimes speak in terms of metric measurements. They would either catch themselves and convert it for us, or we would do the calculations. It was a very funny situation that I had not even considered before the meeting!
  • Operations in Canada must be managed by a Canadian company. It’s a simple enough rule but definitely something interesting to note!
  • Snow has a major impact on operations. You’re probably thinking “Duh!” but it’s not uncommon for snow to be an issue in June! Nothing can be left unaccounted for!