Through my final presentation to the Executive Leadership Team, I was able to share all my ideas and projects that I had been working on throughout my internship, which was an amazing opportunity! I was able to meet the field interns from across the country. Practicing our presentations together allowed me to connect with them, as well as help each other be more prepared for our presentation!

Of course, the idea of presenting in front of our CEO, Mr. Tanger, as well as the Executive Leadership Team was intimidating, however when I was actually presenting to them, I felt relieved. I wasn’t as worried as I thought I was because I remembered one key detail – they all want to see me succeed. My managers were there, and seeing their supportive and smiling faces also allowed me to be confident in the work that I shared.

Afterwards, being congratulated by Mr. Tanger for all my hard work was the best thing that could have happened that day! The interns were also invited to eat lunch with him after the presentation. This gave us an opportunity to learn more from him. It was a priceless opportunity that I would not trade for anything in the world.

When you are preparing to present to the executives, remember these simple things:

  • everyone there supports you and wants to see you succeed,
  • after the presentation, you will be able to present anywhere confidently because you’ve presented for top executives, and
  • remember to be yourself and let your personality shine through during your presentation!