1.Dress the part

As the saying goes, “dress to impress!” The dress code at Tanger is business casual, and I recommend sticking to this. Regardless of how others dress in your office, continue to dress the part. Many business jobs require it.

2. Ask questions

As obvious as this tip sounds, please don’t feel afraid to ask questions. After all, your greatest objective at your internship is to learn, and the best way to do that is by asking questions!

3. Learn about your team

The Tanger intern program is 12 weeks long, which is a decent amount of time. Tanger field locations typically have a small management office, so you’ll want to get to know more about your team. Through this understanding, your group has the potential to act more effectively as a whole.

4. Express your interests

Express your interests. Even if you realized that this position isn’t the career path you want to take, still explain your goals to others. You never know who other people know, and they might be able to introduce you to some of their connections – a great networking opportunity!

5. Offer help

Always, always, ALWAYS offer your help to others, both in your office and out in the center, including if you see a lost shopper!

6. Become familiar with your center

For yourself and for your customers, learn your center!! The people you work with will know it like the back of their hand, so you want to know what they’re talking about – from suite spaces to certain entrances. With this knowledge, you can also help customers navigate their way through the property. 😊

7. Be yourself

This rule is probably the most important! Stay true to yourself no matter what. Be your professional self, while still allowing your unique personality to shine through. By doing so, you will learn where you strive best.

P.S. That is my chicken and waffle sandwich from our food festival. It was one of the most delicious foods I’ve ever tasted!! More to come on the festival later!