It’s already the second week of my Tanger internship, and it was an eventful one for sure! My team surprised me with a “Half Birthday” celebration when we went into our weekly staff meeting. It was a wonderful surprise filled with all my favorite snacks, including apple pie and sour gummy candies. It was a double celebration for my “birthday” and graduation, as well as another team member’s graduation. My team made me feel welcome and appreciated. They even gave me a graduation card that they all signed with kind words!

On Saturday, we had our first ever Memorial Day Block Party, and it was great to get outside and engage with customers. We had a HUGE turnout, and it was interesting to see where everyone had come from. We had a lot of people visit from the city, and some even traveled in from other states! I helped at the Tanger table most of the time because it was packed. I personally handed out Tanger tote bags to customers who would then decorate them at our bedazzling and paint stations. People loved them! It was also nice to see the kids so happy and enjoy being creative.

Overall, it was a fantastic week!