A couple weeks into my internship, HR scheduled a lunch meet-and-greet for myself and another intern! We were able to meet previous interns who moved into full time positions after their internships! They were from all different fields of business. Being able to get to know them and hear about their varying experiences and mindsets was incredible. It is great being able to see that Tanger Outlets respects and believes that every intern has the potential and ability to be the future of Tanger Outlets. Not to mention they spoil us with amazing food! 😉

We went to Hops Burger Bar, which exceeded my expectations with an amazing bleu cheese burger and fries that will knock your socks off! It was great to get to meet everyone while also enjoying delicious food, laughing, and enjoying ourselves outside of the office. I was also able to learn more about Tanger Outlets outside of Operations. Through them, I got exposure to the marketing, accounting, and HR side. This knowledge helps me understand how everyone is working towards continuing to make Tanger a success!

I have to say that everyone that I have met at the corporate has been very nice, helpful, and supportive. It really speaks volumes on the company’s culture and how they boost each other up as a family!


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