I know I’ve talked about this in almost every post so far, but it’s genuinely refreshing to be a part of an organization that is so committed to making their employees feel welcome. Tanger has gone above and beyond my expectations, for any company really, with the amount of effort and care they have with their people. At Tanger I truly feel like a valuable part of the team. A few weeks ago, HR scheduled a new hire pop-on-over which is meant to help welcome the newbies. What is a pop-on-over? It originally got it’s name because the new hires would make popcorn and then people from around the office would come by, grab some popcorn and meet the new employees.

Our pop-on-over took a little different route. We had a make-your-own-sundae bar! The new hires would scoop the ice cream and then employees would come by, chat for a bit, and then finish making their sundaes with the assorted toppings. As if ice cream wasn’t good enough, the story gets better. The employees who stopped by were surprised with a little friendly competition. We organized everyone into teams of four and gave them a couple cans of Play-Doh. As a team, they had to construct their best looking sundae out of the Play-Doh, and the new hires would pick the winners once they were complete. It was so funny to watch all these grown adults constructing ice cream out of Play-Doh and I have to say I was a little shocked by how creative some of the results were. I guess you’re never too old to let your inner child out and play with some Play-Doh!