Not an Ordinary Internship

My first three weeks have been very eventful! I’m not getting anyone’s coffee OR making copies!

I have been given a list of projects to work on that are very important to the company’s operations. I collect data from contracts and agreements in order to run my own cost analyses to accurately budget for next year. This data also helps me create spreadsheets that can quickly, easily, and accurately predict future budgets! My managers have guided me through learning new programs and have given me all the support I’ve needed!

In my first three weeks at Tanger Outlets I have already been able to…

  • Meet with the CEO, Mr. Tanger, and speak with him about my past experiences. I also had the opportunity to ask him questions about his past, Tanger Outlets’ future, and interesting events in his life that have led him to where he is today
  • Meet and bond with the entire Operations Department
  • Complete a Snow Removal Cost Analysis for the past 5 years in annual and monthly time spans
  • Present my project and spreadsheet to the Operations Department during a monthly meeting
  • Listen in on a monthly Regional Meeting
  • Help report the sustainability of Tanger Outlets to enhance our environmental footprint, and
  • Start three other analyses that I am very excited about and that I believe will be able to enhance the safety and efficiency of all centers as well as corporate.

I could not have had a more productive and energizing three weeks! I’ve learned a lot in a short time period, met a lot of new people, and have been excited to come to work every morning knowing that I have the potential to make a difference at Tanger Outlets!