As my time here at Tanger is coming to an end, I look back at all the amazing opportunities I’ve had. At corporate, we’re getting ready for the field interns to join us for the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) presentations. This is when all of us will discuss our summer projects with the executives of the company. It is a panel style “presentation” meaning it should be really informal and more of a Q&A session. I think this is a great style to host this event in because it allows us to be more relaxed and comfortable. We don’t have to worry about memorizing a PowerPoint or rehearsing a stuffy script. This format will allow us to be our natural selves and casually discuss our summer work. We are allowed to have slides to help guide us in our thought process, but they’re really more to display visuals that support our work.

The presentation is still a few days away, and I think it’s natural to feel a little nervous. While HR is doing everything to prepare us and make this as comfortable an experience for us, it’s still nerve-wracking to think about being in the front of a room full of the company’s top people. The good news is that Tanger really loves their interns and the intern program, so all these people are genuinely excited to hear what we have to say. I’m so thankful to have had the support of all the people in my department and HR as I prepare for this presentation. Having people who believe in me and want me to excel makes all of this process a lot more comforting and exciting.

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