Preparing for the final presentation feels a lot like the month before finals. You know the end of the semester is coming soon, projects are all started (but not complete), and you are racing against time to finish everything before the deadlines.

My projects have taught me that, although I am an intern, my projects still have due dates, and those dates are approaching quickly. My goal is to finish my projects and create my presentation with supporting documents for Tanger’s Executive Team. My team has been extremely helpful in this process because they want to see me succeed as well!

That’s another reason I want to do well during the presentation; not only am I representing myself, but I am also representing my department. They have worked so hard to boost me up and help me succeed, and I look forward to highlighting our hard work in my presentation.

One piece of advice I would give in any circumstances is to not be afraid to ask questions. Tanger Outlets is the perfect place for this with its open-door policy, and every employee’s willingness to help in anyway they can. I say this because sometimes I would get stuck on a piece of my project due to some small detail that I could not possibly know as an outsider to the company. I could have tried to work through it for hours and not come up with an answer. However, when I worked with my team member, I was able to solve the problem in 30 seconds. As Tanger says “Don’t rebuild the wheel.” I will live by this throughout my professional career because you cannot do it all alone, and five times out of ten someone has had the same question before and the answer is right around the corner!

As the days come closer to my presentation, I know I will do everything in my power to make my department proud.