I recommend asking your managers to state their expectations of you and identify areas you can add value during your first week. By understanding these items, you will know what is expected of you and how you can go above and beyond those expectations! You would not be a Tanger Intern if you did not work hard for this opportunity, and hard work is noticed and praised at Tanger. You may feel like an intern at first, but work like a full time employee and everyone around you will treat you like one! Everyone at Tanger is very nice and wants to see you succeed. Be confident and direct. Prove to everyone around you that you deserve to be here and that you would be a prime candidate to hire after graduation.

This experience is an amazing opportunity to gain real life work experience so take advantage of it. If you finish all of your projects, ask for more – or even find projects that you know will benefit Tanger Outlets as a whole. Any “outside of the box” idea is taken into consideration, and who knows! You may even change the industry with one big idea!

Be yourself, work hard, and make Tanger Outlets the place to be!