Greensboro has an extremely active community with so many fun things to do on the weekends. There’s something interesting for everyone to take part in. I am particularly into outdoorsy things and living an active lifestyle. It’s no secret around the office that I love running. In fact, I used to run cross country and I just haven’t been able to stop running ever since. Most people will read that sentence and think I’m crazy, trust me I know running isn’t for everyone, but for me this has been one of the things that’s connected me with the people in this office. It seems like every other person that walks through my office door has some new trail or running location that they recommend I try out. My boss even came by one day with a “present” that was a pamphlet of all the Greensboro Greenway trails.

One day last week, one of the employees in IT came into the office that I share with internal audit and started talking about a group run that he and one of my bosses were going to be running that weekend. Like I said before, everyone in this office knows I love to run, so they invited me to join them and their wives. Apparently, there’s a fitness trainer in the area who hosts these massive group runs for a couple of weekends in the summer. Each weekend has a different theme associated with the route run which is really interesting because it gets you out and about and you can see a little different section of the city each time. The run that I attended was a 10k, which roughly translates to 6 miles, and took us past all these different murals that were painted across the city.

Once the race was over, we stuck around and had watermelon and I got to meet some new people. The really amazing part about the race was how friendly all the participants were. People are split up into groups based on how fast you run, so I didn’t know anyone in my group. Everyone was so inviting and supportive and cheering each other on as we tried to beat the heat and finish the run. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m super thankful that these Tanger employees reached out and invited me to join them! P.s. I know it’s not the best picture, but I think I deserve a little slack considering it was taken after running 6 miles in the heat and humidity.


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