My name is Alex Angle, and I am a rising senior at High Point University working towards my B.S.B.A in Business Administration. Every year in college, there is pressure to find the perfect internship opportunity that allows you to preview your intended career path. This means (if you are like me and want to see what everyone’s interview and internship process consists of) that you’re applying to 70 – 100 positions. This leaves us with 50 emailed rejections, 20 no responses, and maybe 5-10 phone or video interviews…

Other Company Experiences

I found myself at several different stages of the interview process with other companies. There was one opportunity that I was almost sure I wanted! It seemed like the perfect opportunity. The company offered good compensation, paid housing, and was located in nice, warm Florida – everything seemed to fit! However, the interview process was poorly structured. The company hires a lot of interns but does not respond for months! They even told me that they do not start hiring interns until late January… however I saw LinkedIn connections saying they had accepted an internship with them in the fall. I called the recruiter, and he said we will talk in a couple weeks. They ended up offering me the internship after months of waiting, poor communication, and a lot of frustration.

The Tanger Experience

After my experience, I immediately started looking for other internship opportunities and found Tanger Outlets’ internship positing. I read a couple of the intern blog posts, and I was amazed by what projects their interns were involved in. I was scheduled for an interview, and I was confident and ready to prove myself. I was greeted by three members of the Operations team. I felt very comfortable in the interview, unlike some of my other interviews. Some of the questions they asked me were difficult, but it didn’t feel like a test; they just wanted to hear my thought process. I fit my experience of commuting six hours per day for my last internship in because I wanted them to know that I am very dedicated. One of the managers also had to commute a lot early on in his career, and the interview became even more like a professional conversation rather than an interview. They told me they were very impressed with my resume and dedication and that they would contact me within a week. I was very nervous at the end of the interview because I knew they only hired one Operation Intern this year, but I knew without a doubt that this was the opportunity that I was looking for.

The team contacted me before the week was over and asked me to be their new Operations Intern. I was speechless, stunned, and very excited! They showed me that I have a lot to offer, that the statement of being “just a college student” does not exist, and showed me that Tanger Outlets is a company that builds its employees up with support, positivity, and an amazing management team.

One piece of advice that I would like to give is…

“Choose the company that gives you confidence.”