As my final days working through my internship are steadily approaching, I thought it would be fitting to share my intern objective. My internship has two overarching objectives that both center around Foley’s new bathroom suite. The first goal is to find corporate sponsorships and develop advertising packages. I went with a two pronged approach with large wall signage opportunities and smaller print options that highlight the community. Our center has a tremendous tourist surge in the summer months so getting one’s business out there is necessary to capture their limited time, and Tanger is already one of the biggest draws in the area. This multi-faceted approach allows every level of business to get involved with the Tanger brand.

The second aspect of my project was to come up with some improved vending options for the suite that might have center wide applicability. While at first there seemed like a whole new world of wacky vending options filled with dingle hoppers and automate cupcakes, it came down to finding quantifiable, long term options that had realistic probabilities. Modernizing current vending options is more efficient than introducing brand new vending approaches. I proposed options to provide customizable drinks and healthy snacks to our shoppers, all while enhancing the aesthetic of our center.

Even for a center as dedicated to perfection as we are here, there is always room for new ideas and improvement and I am very glad at the opportunity to have my input heard!