My time spent as a Tanger intern has officially come to an end. Yesterday morning, the corporate and field interns all got together and presented our final presentations for Steve Tanger and the other members of the Executive Leadership Team. The field interns flew in the Tuesday before our presentations. The next day, we toured Tanger Outlets Mebane. It was a really exciting experience for all of us, especially for us corporate folks because we got to learn more about what the field does. That night, we went to one of the HR employee’s house for dinner and presentation prep. In all honesty, the days leading up to the presentation were so nerve-wracking. I was really worried about messing up, but we practiced our presentations so many times that when it actually came time to do the real thing, it was almost as easy and natural as breathing.

Getting to meet and become friends with the field interns was a huge plus! We all bonded and really got to know each other which made the presentation experience so much easier. We were all rooting for one another, and it was comforting to know that we were all supporting each other during the actual presentation. These last few days of my internship have definitely been some of the most exciting times of my internship. From getting to know the other interns to presenting my projects to all of ELT and touring the Mebane center, it’s all been a huge opportunity for growth. I’m extremely thankful for my opportunity to have worked here, and I plan to stay in contact with everyone I met during my time here. I’ve learned so many valuable things about business that can never be taught in a classroom, and I feel all the more prepared to take on the real world in just a few short months!